[33] However, in none of these countries does German or a German variety have any legal status. German is spoken by about 126 million people, and is the tenth most common language on earth!Many people around central Europe in the countries bordering Germany know it as a first language, or at least very well. [31], The constitution of  South Africa identifies German as a "commonly used" language and the Pan South African Language Board is obligated to "promote and ensure respect" for it.[32]. Can you find the countries of the world where German is an official language? German is an official language of the following international institutions: While several specific laws, e.g., §23 VwVfG or $184 GVG, specify German as the administrative language in Germany, the, De facto sole nationwide official language, De jure sole nationwide official language, Co-official language at federal level; de jure sole official language in 17, Co-official language on province level; equal to Italian, Geographical distribution of German speakers, European Charter for Regional and Minority Languages, Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, Fédération Internationale de Basketball, Fédération Internationale de Bobsleigh et de Tobogganing, Fédération Internationale de Football Association, Fédération Internationale de Gymnastique, Fédération Internationale de Luge de Course, List of countries and dependencies by population, "Map on page of Polish Commission on Standardization of Geographical Names", Council of Europe - List of ratifications of the Charter for regional/minority languages, "IPOL realizará formação de recenseadores para o censo linguístico do município de Antônio Carlos-SC", Legislative Assembly of the state of Espírito Santo (Commissioner for Culture and Social Communication - Addition to the constitutional amendment number 11/2009 establishing the Pomeranian dialect as well as German as cultural heritage of the state (February 2011), Plenário aprova em segundo turno a PEC do patrimônio, Úrad splnomocnenca vlády SR pre národnostné menÅ¡iny (The Government Council of the Slovak Republic for National Minorities and Ethnic Groups) - List of Slovakian municipalities with >20% minority population (2011), "Annual of Language & Politics and Politics of Identity - Language Policy of Slovak Republic (Zdeněk Å krobák)", "National Council of the Slovak Republic - 184 Act (dated 10 July 1999) on the use of languages of national minorities", Carolin Zwilling (European Academy Bolzano-Bozen, 2004) - Minority Protection and Language Policy in the Czech Republic, "European Centre for Minority Issues - Bonn-Copenhagen Declarations", Die deutsche Minderheit in Dänemark - Sprache – Identität und Schlüssel, "Deutsche Botschaft Budapest - Die deutsche Minderheit in Ungarn", Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Budapest - The national and ethnic minorities in Hungary, "Tutela delle comunità linguistiche storiche â€“ Provincia Autonoma di Trento â€“ Minoranze Linguistiche", Sprachminderheiten in Italien - Autonome Region Trentino-Südtirol, L.R. Blank Maps of Germany : Elevation Map Topographical Europe. The German language belongs to the Indo-European family and is considered a Germanic language. Silesian Voivodeship (3 communes), Espírito Santo (5 municipalities) About 60 million Italians in the country speak the language. It is used in an official capacity including in schools, parliamentary sessions, public gatherings, and day-to-day communication. ... Name the twelve countries that have the most people who speak German as their native language. The southern border of Germany is shaped by Austria and Switzerland, while France lies in the southwest. In the two Slovak villages of Krahule/Blaufuss and KuneÅ¡ov/Kuneschhau (total population 530) the percentage of ethnic Germans exceeds 20%,[13] therefore making German a co-official language according to Slovak law. Here, over 5.32 million individuals (or 64.6% of the population) report speaking German as a native language and another 395,000 (or 5%) report using it as a second language. … Get complete list of Top Ten countries with most German language speakers in the world Germany's neighbor to the south … Italian is the official language of Italy. Due to the German diaspora and Russian Mennonites (speaking Mennonite Low German), other countries with sizable populations of (mostly bilingual) German L1 speakers include  Argentina,  Australia,  Canada,  Costa Rica,  Paraguay (see also Mennonites in Paraguay), as well as the  United States. Some interesting facts about the German language: German is known for having a large number of extremely long words. German language, official language of both Germany and Austria and one of the official languages of Switzerland. Poland 9. The question on how many countries speak German depends on whether we count countries where German is offiical at a national level, at a local level or countries where German is spoken by immigrant communities. Other German dialects spoken throughout Austria include Alemannic and Austro-Bavarian. Switzerland More Information on Germany Find detailed information on Germany. Despite its distinction as an official language, it is considered one of the least common in the country with only approximately 73,000 native speakers and over 2.47 million second language speakers. Germany. While the big headline -- and rightly so -- is the 708 counties where Spanish is spoken by at least one in every 10 residents, we, nerds … About 65 percent of the Swiss speak German, or more accurately, Swiss German. Sometimes they have to pass an exam even before their arrival in Germany. One of the official languages of Belgium is German, which has the third largest German-speaking population outside of Germany. Capital is Berlin, German, Alps, Europe . Below is a look at some of the countries and territories where German is an official language (outside of Germany). In 17 of the cantons of Switzerland (like provinces), German is the only official language. The northern border of Germany is shared with the Scandinavian country of Denmark, while Poland and the Czech Republic lie to the east. Similarly, if it was a quiz on countries that have Spanish as an official language the US wouldn't be on it despite our large Spanish speaking population. Go back to see more maps of Germany  Maps of Germany. So what we have put together here is a map of the most spoken/official language of the countries of Europe. The area known today as the East Cantons consists of the German-speaking Community and the municipalities of Malmedy and Waimes (German: Weismes), which belong to the French Community of Belgium.The East Cantons were part of the Rhine Province of Prussia in Germany until 1920 (as the counties (Landkreise) of Eupen and Malmedy), but were annexed by Belgium following Germany… Belgium 3. Approximate distribution of native German speakers (assuming a rounded total of 95 million) worldwide. Deutsch Weltkarte. German Speaking Countries ... World Map Cities Maps Flags. Find political map of world in German language showing boundaries and name of countries in German. Topo Germany : Modern Autobahn Map: Germany Autobahn: States and Major cities: Political Europe: Rivers: All information combined: German Speaking Countries By Amber Pariona on June 12 2018 in Society. Modern Germany is a liberal democracy that has become ever more integrated with and central to a united Europe. The German language also has the largest number of native speakers in Europe. The largest population of German-speaking individuals living outside of Germany can be found in Austria, where German is the official language. There are several reasons why people from non-German speaking countries may be required to take a German language proficiency test. Italy is considered the birthplace of the Italian language. Traveling by air-conditioned coach, admire Bavaria's magnificent scenery as you journey to Linderhof, Ludwig’s rococo-style hunting lodge and … Although in  France, the High German varieties Alsatian and Moselle Franconian are identified as "regional languages" according to the European Charter for Regional and Minority Languages of 1998, the French government has not yet ratified the treaty, and those varieties have no official legal status. Although Germany existed as a loose polity of Germanic-speaking peoples for millennia, a united German nation in roughly its present form dates only to 1871. Here, over 5.32 million individuals (or 64.6% of the population) report speaking German as a native language and another 395,000 (or 5%) report using it as a second language. Switzerland has also recognized German as one of its official languages (along with French and Italian) and has the second largest German-speaking language outside of Germany. This percentage of native speakers has decreased since 1950, when it was reported at 72.1% of the population. History. 13,105: Germany … The Goethe Institute promotes German culture and language and has a varied educational program. Note that most countries are spelled differently in German than English and they may be masculine, feminine, or neuter. North America, the Middle East and Benelux are next in the release plan, and the next update for the German speaking countries … German belongs to the West Germanic group of the Indo-European language family, along with English, Frisian, and Dutch (Netherlandic, Flemish). German was established as an official language during the middle of the 18th-century when Empress Maria Theresa of the Habsburg Empire made basic education a requirement for the multilingual citizens. There are other political entities (countries as well as dependent entities) which acknowledge other legal statuses for the German language or one of its dialects. n. 16 del 18 aprile 1990, Loi constitutionnelle n° 4 du 26 février 1948 STATUT SPECIAL POUR LA VALLEE D'AOSTE, Sprachminderheiten in Italien - Friuli Venezia Giulia, "German as recognized language in Kazakhstan according to Language Law, No.

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