The build quality is super-impressive and I like how the button orientation was thought out in this camera. Choosing higher resolutions will result in much clearer videos at the expense of occupying more memory space due to the large file size. The battery is situated at the bottom, where there is a cover that gives access to the battery. The Campark X30 has a Wi-Fi connection that will allow you to connect the camera to your phone via the Roadcam App. Please note that locked files cannot be overwritten. Higher resolution will result in clearer and more vibrant images. It comes with a multitude of accessories so you can use it to get better footage. The Campark X30 lets you take photos up to 20MP with real 4K recording up to 60fps, and allows you to use other cool features as well as record underwater with the case and use the many accessories it comes with. Pick up your Campark X30 Action Camera below. Your email address will not be published. You can have this setting on to correct the fisheye effect of the wide-angle lens. Update: a newer model has been released in October 2019, the Campark V30, you can check my detailed review here. If you have any questions or comments about this camera, please leave a comment below and I will get back to you. You have the following options for this mode; 1080p 4x, 1080p 2x, 720p 8x, and 720p 4x. This option is only available with the 720p resolution. Beside the down button, there is a tiny hole for the microphone. But in this video i show you … Looking at the spec of the X30 you’d expect to see some good quality images and video. Add to wishlist. Here are some photos shot with the X30 in different lights and scenes: You can adjust various imaging parameters according to your taste and preference in the photo settings mode. Campark makes great action cameras that pack rich specs with nice build quality. After you have downloaded the App and installed it on your smartphone, press and hold the UP/Wi-Fi button  on the right side of your camera for 4 seconds. Adopting the most advanced design ideas and industry-leading technologies, we have made … You will have to keep up with the audio quality from the single in-built microphone. Distortion Correction; on/off. The Campark X20 action camera features a gray matte around its body framework. It uses pretty cheaply but decent quality batteries which can last up to 100min. It offers 4k quality and 20MP pictures. Review summary for Campark X30 Native 4K 60fps Action Camera 20MP with EIS Anti Shake Touch Screen WiFi Waterproof Camera 40m with 2 1350mAh Batteries 1 Charger and Mounting Accessories, based on 371 user reviews: OVERALL - 8.5/10. Unfortunately the camera does not live up to this expectation in my opinion. Campark X30 doesn’t come with an SD card so you will have to get one, this model supports up to 64GB SD Card. FOV; Off, Wide, Middle, or Narrow. The body is fully made out of smooth black plastic. In the case of capturing 4K video, battery life will drop dramatically. Make sure you test the waterproof case before going underwater. As a matter of fact, it can capture 20MP stills with ease and produce 4K at 30 frames per second. If you would not want to capture sounds in your video, you can have this feature off. Record Audio; on/off. But before we talk about its features, what comes in the box of the Campark X30? Time Watermark; on/off. Campark X30 is a very popular and one of the more expensive options. … The Campark X30 is one of the most modern looking action cameras out there. The Campark X30 uses a 1350mAh 3.7V battery which is quite good, not having a touch screen or front LCD panel, it will save us battery. While that is arguably true, other companies have risen to give GoPro a run for their time and money. When it comes to action cameras, many people consider GoPro to be a leading brand in this space. Something to note also is that this camera does not support external microphone connections. Don’t miss out on Amazon's CYBER MONDAY Deals on Action Cameras. While that is arguably true, other companies have risen to give GoPro a run for their time and money. It has multiple ways of connection, you can control the camera on the phone or iPad via Wi-Fi, you can easily share your wonderful moments on the TV with the HDMI and download your precious memories to the computer via the USB cable. With nice stylish stripes on the front that gives out a certain appearance of professionalism. In this mode, the camera will capture a single photo after the preset time has elapsed. Campark X30 is $45 more expensive than an average action camera ($59.99). The following items are boxed inside: If you have GoPro accessories then you can use them with the Campark X30 because most of them are compatible. When you are on a tight budget but you need to get the latest and greatest, you simply fail to consider offerings from Campark. It’s compatible with most accessories like all of the GoPro accessories, and it also comes with a kit of accessories. The details captured are nice and the color saturation is good enough to give you a true depiction of the item. This is another working mode available in the Campark X30 that allows you to capture photos. You can have your suitable field of view selection according to how wide you would like your camera lens to capture. On the right side, there is a micro USB port, memory card slot, and micro HDMI port. You can use an HDMI to transfer your data or connect your camera to a TV or Monitor. Summary . When you have this setting activated, your footage will have a time imprint indicating the exact time it was filmed. Campark 4k Action Camera Reviews. as of 16/11/2020 7:51 pm . Campark X30 Review The Campark X30 is an updated model of the Campark X20, the Campark is a known good quality action camera brand. Get your Advanced Features Campark X30 action camera 4K Ultra HD, shooting native 4K footage up to 60fps, video footage is incredibly smooth, that's sharper and more lifelike than ever. The Campark X30 is the upgraded model of our most popular "X" series action camera. While on this Mode, you can short press the OK/Shutter button to start/stop recording. This camera now falls on my list of best action cameras to buy under 100 dollars. To prevent the deletion of old files, I recommend that you lock them. The back screen will display important information about your camera and the current mode you are using. Customer Reviews . The quality is good and also taking into account that we have the possibility to change the ISO and the exposure time with some other settings, with patience we can work interesting images. The electronic stabiliser does not work with 4k60 frames per second, it works with 4k30p. Daytime videos are impressive for its price point. Enjoy! Campark is very popular in many platforms selling action cameras, in this review, we discover the Campark X30 one of the best GoPro alternatives and Campark sports cams. Distortion correction; on/off. The resolution and frame rates combination appears as follow; 4K60fps, 4K30fps, 2.7K30fps, 2K60fps, 2K30fps, 1080P120fps, 1080P60fps, 1080P30fps, 720p240fps, 720P120fps, 720P60fps, and 720P30fps. Let’s find out. It comes with a multitude of accessories so you can use it to get better footage. This setting will allow you to alter the exposure according to your current conditions. When shooting in a low light environment, you can choose a longer exposure setting. Moreover, you can edit and share your videos and pictures on the “DV KING 4K” app with built-in Wi-Fi instantly. That’s pretty cool when you put into consideration the price you pay to get this camera unit. I liked it because it helps to avoid turning off the action camera by accident. I use 4K30fps and Full HD in my recordings. As mentioned earlier, the Campark X30 offers slow-motion recording thanks to the high frame rates supported. The following bitrates are available for different resolutions; 4k30fps @ 63mbps, 2k @ 51mbps, 60fps @ 53mbps, and the 1080p120fps @ 59mbps, 720p240fps @ 67mps, and finally 4k60fps @ 46mps. In this article I take a look at the range of Campark ... Campark X30 Action Camera. 10. The available intervals are; 3s, 10s, 15s, 20s, or 30s. Being a medium-budget action camera don’t expect to get GoPro quality or high-end brand quality action cameras. On paper the Allwinner V5 chipset and Sony IMX386 12 MP sensor should deliver native 4K video. The reason I created this blog is to share with you tips, unbiased reviews, and information on the latest action photography gadgets. The Campark X30 also comes with some video features to get better footage, for example, single shooting, to photo burst, to time-lapse, to self-timer, to slow motion, to aqua mode, to long exposure, to distortion correction. It is for sure that you are triggered to own this marvel without any delay. Compared to other action cameras alike, this is a pretty heavy camera. Compared with the budget Akaso EK7000and Drograce WP350 cameras, the Campark Xtreme's buttons are in different locations: The power/menu button is on the front at the bottom right, while the other models have it on the front toward the top of the camera. If you are looking for an affordable camera that offers 4K recording, then I will recommend you think about this camera. On the front side, we have the camera lens and a power button which doubles up as a mode button. Long Exposure; Auto, 2s, 5s, 10s, 15s, 20s, and 30s. This is smaller to 3840 x 2160 which represents the true 4K as we know it. This is much expected for an Action Camera especially when you choose the lowly priced ones. This Campark X30 has two rechargeable and removable batteries included in the retail packaging each with a capacity of 1350mAh. Alternatively, you can scan the QR code that matches your phone below. Apart from the untrue 4K60fps, the Campark X30 has a good choice to offer when it comes to video resolutions. Featuring real 4K resolution, Campark X30 professional action cam records video at 4K/ (60fps,30fps), 2.7K/30fps, 1080P/ (120fps,60fps,30fps), 720P/ (240fps,120fps,60fps,30fps), and takes photos at 20MP/ 16MP/ 13MP/ 8MP, providing high quality pictures and videos for you. Along with a big red button located on the front which is used for powering on the action camera as well as switching the modes. It can last about 100 minutes and is waterproof up to 40 meters, with many more modes. If you want to record 4K quality video at thirty FPS or full HD quality video at 60 FPS, then the YI 4K Action Camera… The Campark X30 has three working modes namely; Video Recording Mode, Photo Mode, and Playback Mode. The Electronic Image Stabilization also works with 4K, I was impressed to see how it works. After every expedition in wet environments, always rinse and dry your waterproof case. This review has underscored every breathtaking feature of this action cam. The definition, focus, and detail is high quality. The reason I created this blog is to share with you tips, unbiased reviews, and information on the latest action photography gadgets. Like many other Action Cameras in the market, the Campark X30 has a small box-shaped body that is easily portable. You can choose any of those depending on the resolution and how slow you would like your footage to appear. Features 【Native 4K/60fps Action Camera … Luckily enough, the retail packaging includes a waterproof case in the box. You can download the App from either Google Play or Apple Store depending on your phone OS. Truth Is a campark camera is really bad for using as a webcam, the sound quality is horrid and video itself is simply not worth showing. Alongside the display, on the left side, there is a status indicator and charging indicator. In Time-Lapse video, the camera will capture video frames at a preset time. Read honest and unbiased product reviews … AA review of the new Campark X30 - their top of the rang model and some footage compared to a Gopro Hero 7 Black. I was impressed with what the V30 does in terms of functionality and versatility having in mind the low price tag. 4. Overall this camera is worth getting for its price and quality it offers for it, especially if you’re looking for a good quality-value action camera. At the camera price tagged on the Campark X30, it is a good option to have especially when you are a beginner in action filming. Photo Resolution; 20MP, 16MP, 13MP, or 8MP. © 2020| Affiliate Disclaimer | Legal Information | Privacy Policy | About | Terms of Service.

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