Voiced by (Japanese) Atsushi Kisaichi. Ultimate was rigged to accommodate these characters. Meta Knight – Brawl. While the change was more than welcome, Mega Man's patheticness was exposed for all to see! Ultimate's strongest character by ZeRo, a professional player deemed to be among the world's best, Inkling should be feared! Among the weakest members of Super Smash Bros. 4's roster, Wii Fit Trainer grew into a cult favorite due to a fun and quirky move-set. 27: Meta Knight – Super Smash Bros. Ridley and Inkling are both niche competitors with steep learning curves, but the former is not truly worth the effort. King K. Rool has a solid argument for being the roster's only worthwhile heavy competitor, but the villain's success seems to be chiefly restricted to the casual scene. Ridley dominates the airwaves, but a larger than normal hitbox and a below average recovery move are unavoidable weaknesses. A mid-card talent in the Wii-U entry, Peach has firmly shed her damsel-in-distress status for the sequel. Ultimate's year. Who needs Mario? 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Mega Man sucks. With all the Fire Emblem warriors securing impressive spots in most tier lists, it is beginning to seem like Super Smash Bros. Of course, having multiple jumps, Meta excels in his air game. Despite the upgrades, the character's attacks are simple to counter, while Wii Fit Trainer's abilities provide no margin for error. As we know, combo-oriented fighters generally don’t translate to strong Figure Players (Ultimate’s AI is not very good with combos).There have been a few exceptions in more recent characters, but Meta Knight unfortunately falls right into this trope. Notoriously overpowered in the Nintendo 64's Super Smash Bros., the subsequently weaker Kirbies feel almost like they are retrospectively apologizing for the original's terrible balancing. PEACH! Drill … While harder to push off the stage, heavy characters historically tend to struggle in the franchise. Smash 4's Mega Man's mediocrity was slightly masked by a devastating Footstool combo, but Ultimate altered the applicability of techs to fully eliminate this option. Ultimate would have been fine with just 3 delegates. Meta Knight has received a mix of buffs and nerfs in the transition to Ultimate, but has been nerfed overall, although significantly less so than in his transition from Brawl to Smash 4. The discrepancy between … The days of dominating Super Smash Bros. Brawl matches might be long gone, but Meta Knight remains a competent fighter with a reliable offstage presence and fantastic recovery. Unsurprisingly, Nintendo nerfed Bayonetta's flamboyant protagonist. Ultimate. Ultimate's Peach trounces the plumber every day of the week! Invulnerable on frame 12-32. Darkness Illusion (Final Smash) – Meta Knight raises his sword, emitting a blast of electricity. The Legend of Zelda's silent protagonist can hold his own in close quarters, but Link's recovery moves are in desperate need of a revamp. In Wii U he can play many characters at a high level such as Mario, Cloud, Zero Suit Samus, Meta Knight, Sheik, Diddy Kong, and Charizard. Inkling's Final Smash sends out a hard-to-avoid sonic blast that sends opponents flying out of the arena. Ganondorf's terrible recovery is also an exploitable weakness. Landing lag only occurs after entering special fall. Returning for his third appearance, Ike is a sturdy swordman originating from the over-represented Fire Emblem license. Meta Knight's dash grab has good range (it takes some getting used to) and he can follow up with a Down Throw. The combo is as follows: Start near the side blast zone. Is a competitive Super Smash Bros. Dark Meta Knight (ダークメタナイト, Dākumetanaito) is a playable newcomer in Super Smash Bros. Switch, being a semi clone of Meta Knight.He was confirmed with Meta Knight, but as a "secret" to be announced later, being speculated to be an alternate costume, however, he was confirmed to be his own character with a new moveset, taking some attacks from Meta Knight and remaking them. Meta Knight's Moves and Fighter Overview Meta Knight is among the quickest fighters in Super Smash Bros. Nintendo's series has never prioritized authenticity, therefore, any character could potentially fight for the crown. Kirby's trademark skill is to inhale enemies and adopt a number of their abilities. You can grab opponents and do a Down Throw, which is a good combo starter. Putting aside the entry that launched the license, Kirby typically ranks towards the bottom tiers, and Ultimate continues this trend. In the, Meta Knight is the first character in the, Meta Knight has a different victory theme than Kirby and King Dedede in. Lacks a meteor smash 1. Ranked as Super Smash Bros. Almost all of his moves have little startup and endlag. Meta Knight’s always been kind of a sad character… at least in the context of amiibo training. Ultimate significantly enhances the character's ground attacks and special moves; unfortunately, these buffs pale in comparison to the majority of other fighters! Want to ruin someone's day? Barely weighing more than a feather, both characters are susceptible to knockbacks, but Pikachu's speed and combo strings more than make up for any faults. Early on, Pokémon's electrifying mascot languished among the lower tiers, but Smash 4 buffed a number of the pocket monster's stats. After years of begging, at long last, Nintendo added Ridley to Super Smash Bros. Samus Aran's archenemy, the monstrous alien is a brawler at heart. Invulnerable on frame 12-39. After this, the third hit will ensure that enemies are sent flying in the air. By aiming to satisfy everyone, Mario ends up offering little to no advantages. Super Smash Bros. Melee contains the only genuinely great iteration of Metroid's protagonist, and that was primarily due to the game's reliance on recovery moves. Brawl marks his first appearance in a Smash Bros game, and Meta Knight doesn't disappoint with his variety of unique moves. As a relatively slender member of the heavyweight class, Ridley benefits from a touch of speed withheld from Bowser or King K. Rool; conversely, Metroid's villain is more susceptible to knockbacks. Despite appearing three separate times throughout Nintendo's roster, Samus fails to impress in any of her forms. The Mushroom Kingdom's savior fares well against mid-tier opponents, but those are normally ignored by competitive players. Ultimate from Nintendo Switch and last updated on February 18th, 2020. Promoted to the full roster in 2018's entry, Splatoon's squid requires some practice. Lightweight, making him easy to K.O. Startup assumes level ground, 11—13/17—19/23—25/29—31/35—37/41—43/47—49/53—55/59—61/73—74, SH / FH / SHFF / FHFF Frames — 31 / 47 / 22 / 33, Fall Speed / Fast Fall Speed — 1.66 / 2.656, Out of Shield, Up Smash or Up B — 8 frames, Out of Shield, Neutral Air or Up Air — 9 frames, Shield Grab (Grab, post-Shieldstun) — 11 frames, Jump Squat (pre-Jump frames) — 3 frames (universal). The blue hero might be an indisputable icon of the industry, but Super Smash Bros. has constantly failed to highlight Mega Man's capabilities. Ultimate player from Wayne, Pennsylvania who mains Meta Knight and is one of the best Meta Knight players in the United States. Be it Street Fighter V or Dragon Ball FighterZ, certain characters tend to float to the top. Marth gamed the system. If mastered, aerial hoping allows players to maintain the offensive regardless of the opponent's position, while also serving as a last-ditch trick to reverse a knockout. 1. Zero Suit Samus is arguably the most reliable of the bunch, but the bounty hunter struggles to transcend mediocrity. With the exception of newcomers who want to learn the ropes with a reasonably well-rounded fighter, Mario is currently worthless. As a mechanic, copying lends itself brilliantly to the adorable pink plush toy's own games; sadly, the same cannot be said about Super Smash Bros. Kirby's trademark skill is to inhale enemies and adopt a number of their abilities. Little Mac's deficiencies are too pronounced to ignore, with Super Smash Bros. Biography []. Ultimate! Ultimate. Perhaps what … With the Nintendo Switch proving to be a commercial and critical success, the console demands high-quality titles to maintain its momentum. Ultimate features a whopping 65 playable characters. The JRPG franchise earned every ounce of praise tossed its way, but Super Smash Bros. In capable hands, the hero should test most opponents, but Link is overshadowed by many similar fighters. (+SD) Angle BKB/WBKB KBG; Mach Tornado: 12- (Rehit rate: 6)-1: 90 / 366: 10: 100: Mach Tornado (Final Hit) 42-44-3: 70: 55: 170: Drill Rush His moveset appears to be the same as the previous games. Ultimate. To their credit, Nintendo resisted the urge to play favorites. Meta Knight will swing his sword in a powerful slash above him three times. If this list was expanded to encompass all Super Smash Bros. titles, Smash 4's Bayonetta would feature on the Broken side. Equipped with the balanced blade, Lucina lands the same amount of damage regardless of which point of her sword delivers the blow; comparatively, Marth's Falchion necessitates a touch more precision. Landing lag only occurs if you enter special fall. He was one of the best Wii U players in the world, ranked as the 14th best Wii U player of all time on the PGR100.He was known for counterpicking his opponents and has a wide variety of characters to do so.

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